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This command is equivalent to run, but it changes the way Scala CLI parses options (used to configure the tool) and inputs (the sources of your project) in order to be compatible with shebang scripts.

The command shebang also allows script files to be executed even if they have no file extension, provided they start with the shebang header. Note that those files are always run as scripts even though they may contain e.g. valid .scala program.

Normally, inputs and Scala CLI options can be mixed. Program arguments (to be passed to your app) have to be specified after -- (double dash) separator.

scala-cli [command] [scala_cli_options | input]... -- [program_arguments]...

For the shebang command, only a single input can be set. All Scala CLI options must be set before the input, while everything after the input is considered a program argument.

scala-cli shebang [scala_cli_options]... input [program_arguments]...

More details can be found in Shebang guide.