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Scala-cli supports formatting your code using Scalafmt:

scala-cli fmt

Under the hood, scala-cli downloads and runs Scalafmt on your code.

If you’re setting up a continuous integration (CI) server, scala-cli also has you covered. You can check formatting correctness using a --check flag:

scala-cli fmt --check


Scala-cli also supports dialects that are passed to the formatter. This value is only used if there is no .scalafmt.conf file. However, if it exists, then all configuration should be placed there. For a list of all possible values, consult the official Scala Dialects documentation:

scala-cli fmt --dialect scala212

Scalafmt version​

At this time, scala-cli read a scalafmt version from .scalafmt.conf files. If the version is missing, scala-cli throws an error, that user should declare explicitly the Scalafmt version. From Scalafmt 3.5.0 it is a mandatory parameter.

To configure the Scalafmt version add the following config into .scalafmt.conf. For example, to set version 3.5.0 you should add the following line:

version = "3.5.0"