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Updating dependencies

To check if dependencies in using directives are up-to-date, use dependency-update command:

//> using dep com.lihaoyi::os-lib:0.7.8
//> using dep com.lihaoyi::utest:0.7.10

object Hello extends App {
println("Hello World")
scala-cli --power dependency-update Hello.scala
* com.lihaoyi::os-lib:0.7.8 -> 0.8.1
* com.lihaoyi::utest:0.7.10 -> 0.8.0
To update all dependencies run:
scala-cli dependency-update --all

Passing --all to the dependency-update sub-command updates all dependencies in your sources.

scala-cli --power dependency-update Hello.scala --all
Updated dependency to: com.lihaoyi::os-lib:0.8.1
Updated dependency to: com.lihaoyi::utest:0.8.0