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Quick start

>_ Advanced Installation

Pick the installation method:

Download the launcher from GitHub release assets with

curl -fL | gzip -d > scala-cli
chmod +x scala-cli
sudo mv scala-cli /usr/local/bin/scala-cli

Check that it runs fine by running its about command:

scala-cli about
>_ Standalone launcher

Script to automatically download and cache standalone scala-cli launcher.

>_ Shell completions

Try the completions with

eval "$(scala-cli install completions --env --shell bash)"
scala-cli --<TAB>

Install them on your system with

scala-cli install completions

If any of the scala-cli install completions command complained that your shell cannot be determined, specify it with --shell

scala-cli install completions --shell bash
>_ Scala JS

To run Scala JS applications Node.js needs to be installed. Scala CLI at this moment does not manage Node.js however it may change in the future.

>_ Scala Native

Clang is required to compile and run Scala Native applications. Using some functionalities known from JDK (like using package) require additional packages to be installed.

Scala Native page contains detailed installation guide.